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How to get ahead of what is happening

1,144 views October 11, 2016

Talk by Tamara Gaffney, Adobe Systems Is there anything that would better prepare marketers for...


The Future of Brand, Tech & Business is Experience

1,254 views September 29, 2016

Talk by Brian Solis, Altimeter Group The best-selling author, digital analyst and anthropologist...

NEXT Proposals

Record Evolution Cloud Reporting Platform

305 views April 05, 2012

The founder of Record Evolution introduces a complete and self service reporting platform in the...


Earning Media through Collaboration – Don...

624 views May 31, 2011

Bastian Unterberg, jovoto


Microblogging at a Global Player: Web to...

1,182 views May 31, 2011

Jochen Adler, Deutsche Bank


What's Up Next with Magento?

761 views May 31, 2011

Michel Goossens, Magento


Data as the Value Driver of Disruptive Business...

913 views May 30, 2011

Alexander Drusio, DuMont Venture


Algorithms That Govern Our Lives

1,062 views May 27, 2011

Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio Sarah Lacy, TechCrunch