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Brian Solis about Experience Design

540 views September 29, 2016

Interview with Brian Solis (Altimeter Group) about: What is an Experience?


The Future of Brand, Tech & Business is Experience

1,524 views September 29, 2016

Talk by Brian Solis, Altimeter Group The best-selling author, digital analyst and anthropologist...

NEXT Service Design

The Experience is the Product

1,162 views October 18, 2012

Keynote by Pedro Custódio, Experience Designers Speaker at NEXT Service Design 2012


Next Level Engagement

634 views May 31, 2011

Will Samson, Contagious Magazine


How Data Creates Collective Action

860 views May 31, 2011

Mike Arauz, Undercurrent


Social Change Through Social Media

806 views May 31, 2011

Amanda Rose, Twestival


What Record are You Capable of Setting

1,489 views May 27, 2011

Dan Rollman, Universal Record Database


Buttons, Behaviour, Robots and Toys. What...

248 views May 27, 2011

Rafi Haladijan, Sen.se