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How to design products that people love?

857 views October 11, 2016

Panel about Product Design Jeremy Abbett, Jason Cale, Lisa Lang, Martin Oberhäuser and Golden...


Service Design Panel

1,923 views June 26, 2013

Panel discussion with Anne Pascual, Birgit Mager and Louisa Heinrich - moderated by Alexander...


Europe — Getting its Head out of its A$$

1,115 views May 30, 2011

Davor Hebel, Fidelity Ventures Nikolaj Nyholm, Sunstone Capital Rainer Maerkle, Holtzbrinck...


Part 2: Consumer Power Discussion

232 views November 05, 2010

Ola Ahlversson, Result Peter Espersen, Lego Hodg Hodgson, livingEQUIA


Part 1: Consumer Power Discussion

320 views November 05, 2010

Paul McCrudden Rene Jansen, Winkwaves Alexis Ohanian, Reddit (moderator)


Mobile Publishing Discussion

208 views November 05, 2010

Joscha Bach, txtr Hans Dorsch Simon Seeger, textunes Katharina Borchert, Spiegel Online...


Platform Strategies Discussion

272 views November 05, 2010

Jimmy Nordbeck, Golden Gekko Joe Pezzillo, Push.IO Phillip von Criegern, Maris Consulting...


Part 2: Social Media Discussion

252 views November 05, 2010

Andrew Keen, The Great Seduction Jemima Gibbons, iKnowHow Ola Ahlvarsson, Result (moderator)


Part 1: Social Media Discussion

287 views November 05, 2010

Stefana Broadbent, University College London Stowe Boyd, /Message Ola Ahlvarsson, Result...


Social Woman Discussion

371 views November 05, 2010

Cindy Gallop, Makelovenotporn.com Annalisa Bluhm, General Motors Simone Brummelhuis,...


App Economy Discussion

219 views November 05, 2010

Christian Lindholm, Fjord Ben Hammersley, Wired UK & SIX Creative Peter Meier, metaio...


Relationships Reinvented Discussion

376 views October 14, 2010

Brian Solis, FutureWorks Pablos Holman, Komposite Monique van Dusseldorp, Van Dusseldorp BV...