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Equity Storytelling - Expectation Management for Investors

December 15, 2011 next12, proposals, storytelling
What’s your story? I will talk about the essential function of investor relations. This is to satisfy communication requests of very different members of the capital market. For start-ups and companies alike strong relations with institutional and private investors, analysts or journalists are key. The three most important aspects investors look for is team, vision and story. Expect strategies for successful expectation management which means tailored messages, tonality, timing and diffusion of interesting information. To select and refresh information, story and network by specific needs and platforms has never been that affirmative.
What are the essential elements of sustainable stories for start-ups and companies? How can value relevant messages be edited for investors across platforms? To what extent do social media influence dramaturgy, authenticity, forms of narration and linearity? Who is telling the story, who is listening to it? In what way can sustainable value be created by specific narration strategies?

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