NEXT17 | Interview with Thomas Müller

1,430 views November 01, 2017

Watch this interview with Thomas Müller, Head of Design Innovation at Fjord


NEXT17 | Interview with James Williams

1,288 views November 01, 2017

Watch this interview with James Williams, Writer and Researcher at the University of Oxford.


NEXT17 | Interview with David Mattin

1,413 views November 01, 2017

Watch this interview with David Mattin, Head of Trends Insights at Trendwatching.


NEXT17 | Interview with Lily Kollé

1,416 views October 25, 2017

Watch this interview with Lily Kollé, Senior Designer at Raft Collective.


NEXT17 | Lily Kollé & Ame Elliott – User...

1,510 views October 04, 2017

This sessions contains: Lily Kollé – How Minimalism Will Improve Your Design Process As the...


NEXT17 | Lars Trieloff – Why AI Will Be in...

1,289 views September 27, 2017

In this fireside chat with Lars Trieloff, who is responsible for Adobe’s AI programme Sensei, we...


NEXT17 | Nandini Stocker – Bridging the Gap to...

1,394 views September 27, 2017

From Star Trek’s Computer to Jarvis and Samantha, Sci-Fi has promised us a world integrated with...


NEXT17 | Jamie Bartlett – Radicals: Outsiders...

1,522 views September 27, 2017

Jamie will take us inside the strange and exciting worlds of the innovators, disruptors,...