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NEXT16 | Brian Solis about Experience Design

2,176 views September 29, 2016

Interview with Brian Solis (Altimeter Group) about: What is an Experience?

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NEXT16 | The Future of Brand, Tech & Business...

3,197 views September 29, 2016

Talk by Brian Solis, Altimeter Group The best-selling author, digital analyst and anthropologist...


NEXT10 | From Relationships to Relations: The...

561 views November 05, 2010

Brian Solis, FutureWorks


NEXT10 | Relationships Reinvented Discussion

798 views October 14, 2010

Brian Solis, FutureWorks Pablos Holman, Komposite Monique van Dusseldorp, Van Dusseldorp BV...