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Berlin Startups: The Friendship Economy

1,285 views May 30, 2012

Edial Dekker, Gidsy; Felix Petersen, Amen; David Noël, Soundcloud & Mike Butcher, TechCrunch...


International Start-ups in Berlin

1,150 views May 30, 2012

Gunnar Froh, Airbnb Germany, Axel Bringéus, Spotify & Jason Whitmire, Earlybird Panel discussion...


NEXT11 | Dumphonia: Why it is Smart to Embrace...

1,393 views June 01, 2011

Jessica Colaço, iHub Kenya Fabio Sergio, frog design


NEXT11 | Will Technology Kill Publisher and Ad...

927 views June 01, 2011

Ciaran O'Kane, exchangewire.com Karin Libowitzky, mediaby Thomas Mendrina, AdMeld DACH Thomas...