Gaming in the Metaverse: Ubisoft – New Worlds Builder

April 07, 2022
Our guest Deborah Papiernik explains how digital worlds are more than just play. Tune in, if you want to get a glimpse of the potential the Metaverse offers, you need to look backwards, and into the digital worlds created by the game companies.

Deborah also presents the new amazing docudrama “Notre-Dame on Fire”. The one-hour experience will put players into the boots and flameproof uniforms of the Parisian fire brigade on that fateful night of April 15 2019, when flames nearly claimed the world-famous cathedral.

About Deborah Papiernik:
Deborah Papiernik has been with Ubisoft (French video-game powerhouse) for 25 years, holding different positions in Marketing, Business Development and Game Development. Passionate about building bridges between different industries, Deborah explores new business opportunities for Ubisoft, looking beyond the world of video games to bring its brands to wider audiences, and to share the company’s expertise with new sectors.

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