The Future of Hybrid Work – In conversation with Pa Sinyan

July 05, 2022
Gallup’s Pa Sinyan discusses why many post-pandemic managers are being misunderstood.

Pa Sinyan is a managing partner at Gallup, the American analytics and advisory company. Over the years he’s gained experience in leadership consulting across various industries and helps implement global solutions to shape workplace cultures using more organic methods. Because of this, he understands the needs of employees and has an in-depth knowledge of the global work climate.

At Gallup, Pa receives fascinating insights, through strength assessments and surveys of workplaces all over the world and into people's thoughts about life in general. In a time of radical change, he understands better than most, what many employees and also managers struggle with. But perhaps more importantly, he knows what's not changing.

In this episode of the NEXT–SHOW, we discuss Pa's key takeaways from the staggering volume of data that he and his team collect. We learn about the impact remote work has had on the clarity of expectations and what vital role managers play in all of this.

Tune in and learn why you should have a best friend at work and what great benefits human-centric thinking can bring at your workspace.

More about Pa Sinyan:

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