A new vision of our future – In conversation with Monika Bielskyte

July 30, 2022
When imagining our shared future, utopia and dystopia often pop us as the only two visions. Why are we stuck in this framework and how can we change the way we go about reshaping our future?

The episode of NEXT–SHOW is all about the future. Monika Bielskyte, futurist and designer of the future, shares her thoughts beyond this typical framework. She also tells us why stereotypical Hollywood dystopian visions often come from a privileged perspective. Monika also gives insights into a model of new imagining called Protopia that basically describes a proactive prototyping of future visions centering around Queerness, Indigeneity, Disability and previously marginalized cultural perspectives.

Tune in and get a new perspective on the future and how we can all engage to reshape our vision of it.

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