Kate Stone discusses the possibilities of creative electronics

March 14, 2023
Self-confessed “creative scientist”, Dr Kate Stone, is Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Novalia. She is passionate about creativity and constantly finds new ways to merge the worlds of art, science, design and technology. She is a lay member of the Editors’ Code of Practice Committee in her native UK, Chair of the Executive Board of the MIDI Manufacturers Association and Chair of the Board of Just Bee, a charity in Dundee that provides help to the vulnerable and underserved.

In this episode of the NEXT-SHOW, Kate talks about the changing world around us and how our future could look a little like our past. Here’s why she thinks that is the case:

👉 Shrinking technology: We will live in a world where there’s no visible technology.
👉 Nostalgia: We are nostalgic creatures that like to create things that remind us of past experiences.
👉 Friction: We will create more friction to create meaningful, memorable experiences.
👉 Mind: We have an inner mind in our body, and an outer mind in the world around us.
👉 Resourcefulness. We will learn to meet our human needs from the things around us.
👉 Community: We will build strong communities wherein we try as much as possible to connect with people different than us.

On top of all that, we learn about separating engineering and creativity, the importance of data usage and data privacy and creating unimaginable VR experiences.

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